XIV. A Parking Garage

"Steve Awesome, let me introduce Antoine.
Thank you sincerely for taking us on."
"Don't mention it. The more the merrier
To ease the boredom of a courier.
I see that your friend here has piles of junk,
We'd better put his stuff into the trunk."
In the confusion a bit of stage kitsch
With Antoine himself completing the switch
Changing one can of film for another
A simple misdirection, no bother,
Antoine just right for this situation,
By virtue of prestidigitation,
Spotting the target and waving a cape,
Exchanging Steve's reel for one with Vern's tape.

Not that Antoine was all up on the plan,
Everything Tex and Emma needed done,
They were ultra-privileged guests of Vern
Who offered him a free ride in return
For pulling a fast one on their good friend
And swearing not to mention it again;
That they were his unborn children was nuts,
Besides, he was a naive kind of yutz,
A poor struggling artist, lost in his head,
Who hoped to have fame before he was dead.
Behind his back, the children shared giggles,
Knowing the answers to Antoine's riddles,
How soon he'd have all he wanted from life:
The love of Olga, their mother, his wife.

"'Tomorrow Never Dies'? I should know that,
Who sings a Bond theme that isn't out yet?"
"I didn't say it was easy, but still,
That Bond is heading that way you can tell,
Corrollary to the Big Bang Theory,
How the pieces end up when they're weary;
From ready clues the future is reckoned,
Like James Bond will be played by Pierce Brosnan."
"Who? That Irish guy from Remington Steele ?
Come to think of it , that's not a bad deal."
"See? The future is here in present seeds,
As you would know except nobody reads.
For this daze of yours remediation:
Some glasses and more organization."

Trivia presently is more complex
What with pop culture being in fragments;
Root influence was less debatable
When we all watched TV or radio;
The Internet has increased the sources
For learning about cultural forces;
A friend of mine used to swear you could look
Inside the 'Great American Songbook'
For the answers to musical questions
As if they were permanently etched in;
These days, and I am not saying it's wrong,
It's tough to identify common songs,
But here's a clue to who sings in that Bond:
You might date her now that Lance Armstrong's gone.

Entropy describes the decay of a rocket's trajectory as well as the increase of information in a state of chaos; furthermore, if the rate of decay from the Big Bang is understood, then the prediction of future events from current data is probable.