XIII. The Main Line

"Okay, this is very bad," said Emma,
Later on, after the air was clearer.
"Rinse Dream has sent the wrong movie to Meese
The one that includes all of Raquel's scenes;
Cafe Flesh  is better with than without
So good you'll fucking want to scream and shout
We absolutely can't let that panel
See a flash, a glow, the wings of Raquel.
Their constant motto is 'Live and Let Die';
Futile the urge to even ask me why."
"What's the problem if you have legal proof
Of her majority, the sexy poof?"
"Because film history changes if I
Let them see her in it and testify."

"In '82 for whatever reason,
Cafe  was released in summer season
Without scenes of Raquel Felch included:
If we leave them in, it will ruin it."
"But the version to which you added sounds
Had her missing in copious amounts?"
"Rinse Dream almost sent it without her scenes
But then Vern and fate and lust intervened
And I found out what the commission planned
And Raquel's real age, changing Rinse's hand.
They'll never see what Vern wanted planted,
On the version without, that is granted,
Unless we step up and fix the mistake,
Switching Dream's film with the one that's a fake."

"Do you know, Emma, what's on Vern's soundtrack,
The chemical brain instructions he hacked
Directly from nature's main freakin' frame
That when they're heard are exactly the same
As having a certain experience?
Grampa's science makes me delirious."
"He coded this viral and nasty shit
Counting it out to make it all fit
Which when someone hears it makes them certain
They've just seen depicted, not in person,
The most absolutely disgusting filth
They ever fantasized seeing themselves.
Vern theorized Meese wouldn't write in logs:
'It showed my saintly mother blowing dogs.'"

"That'sa some catcha that Catch-22."
"Without delay, the thing we need to do
Is waylay the courier to Ed Meese--"
"--And give him one o' dose and one o' dese!
Hey, wait a second, this won't be easy:
Assaulting a fed worker is sleazy.
We could both even end up in ja-il,
To eat crappy food and piss in a pail."
"Nothing like! Be unexcited. Relax.
We're riding to DC with Awesome, Tex."
"That editor guy with the soul divot?
What is your plan to make the man pivot?"
"He said we could go to the capital,
Do I have to tie up and wrap it all?"


Movies released the same year as Cafe Flesh include Barry Levinson's Diner, and the cult science fiction classic Liquid Sky.