I. The Prologue

"The secret of living life," I should say,
Straight out, "Is to live it like a story,"
Meting out in appropriate parcels,
The defeats and the glorious morsels;
If Justice be as Plato says the
Highest Good, then use it as it plays to
The audience, "How will this go over
In Poughkeepsie, Springfield and in Dover?"
The justice we mean when we name of plot
The likely desserts that Jack and Jill got,
Who lives and dies following a rumble,
Who wears the ring following a tumble;
The wisdom of Solomon: of offense
Concoct a tale that to reader makes sense.

Our story grammar's practical purpose
Isn't presently visible to us,
We can't measure justice empiric'ly,
But we know it exists more globally.
In koyaanisqatsi, life out of whack,
In powaqqatsi, to trace a fixed track,
In works so diverse as Castaneda
And the Three Stooges that ignore data
Present in any description we've heard
Also not in a universe of words,
Works by Tolkein and by J.K. Rowling
Using syntax even magic files in,
Changing the past with new ways of seeing
To reconstitute our present protein.

Vern Archer stars as a molecular
Biologist in this vernacular
Who has in his two grandkids, Emma and
Tex, the makings of an adventure grand
To go back in history, find the pulse
When privacy's threatened by someone else
To send them back by a decade or so
From the 'Aught-Ands, those origins you know,
The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor ,
For which the public had such a clamor,
That probably, if you want to ask me,
Had something to do with it being free;
To inject them in brain cells in mode
Of interminable strings of math code.

In this next deal, music of which I'm fond,
Asking, "Who sang a movie theme for Bond?"
For instance this: "All the Time in the World,"
For Lazenby with Union Jack unfurled?
Really going out there: I'm on display!
Who even thought I could succeed with a
Satire of the commission led by Meese
To stop representation of a piece
Of ass, a prick, these two getting it on,
Enjoying the basic facts of friction,
Insulting our intelligence and zeal
By even trying to say it looks real,
Because digital encounters can wreck
Language structures built by Slavoj Žižek?

That's right, the teeny people of Oz get
Bent out of shape over an old target:
The feels-so-good,-it-must-be-bad of sex
Melded with guilty feelings like a hex;
It's a love story with obstacles as
Prejudice and hate suppress jazz
And all the knobbing, hob-nobbing goblins
Back-seat at the drive-in know what that is
On the front seat...I guess it all depends
On the condition of your condition,
As I said out in Pennsylvania,
Have you been there lately, any of you?--
"Long as they know what the do's and don'ts iz,
Folks could make some money in this bitness."

Vern Archer helped digitize the codes in
The body's memory storage system
And practically as a joke one day
Vern suggested coding the other way:
Instead of an RNA messenger,
Make it code like a passive passenger,
For instance, how sound can be synthesized
By inducing the levels we analyze
In brainy mechanical gadgetry
When the original plays, digitally.
Of the billions of atoms it takes to
Completely remember a sponge cake, you
Could ask Vern, who would probably miss five
Molecules keeping that dessert alive.

Data from in the cerebral cortex,
That Vern kept in a spinning Roll-O-Dex,
Located for the first and only time
How memory in the brain cells is signed
By strings of molecules of proteins mixed
And stored in that organ, digit'ly fixed,
To be recalled by our willful nudging,
Of cells and reagents in the brain pudding,
But Vern could make it go the other way,
Create the mem'ry of a certain day,
By spelling the coded proteins in it
That were just the same as if you'd lived it
Induce the AG to consult his logs,
To find out when last he was "blowing dogs."

About any given phenomenon
His curiosity was overcome,
Always asking like an old adage,
"What's the evolution'ry advantage?"
The most crucial and fruitful of all were
The incandescent attraction of girls
That instant lightning of recognition
Accompanying a beauty on the scene
In every male consciousness to witness
Her overall verve and shapely fitness,
The brisk all-over-them they let her walk
Ignoring mere trifles and pointless talk:
Why does nature produce in such beauty
Means to make a guy forget his duty?

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Vern Archer proved it was possible to replicate the way individual word conotations were stored in organ and muscle tissues.

Bitter Root Colgate

Theoretically, Vern could configure memories of events that never happened inside a subject's brain; take Antoine for instance, a father of two teenagers in 2002, he will remember meeting their future selves in 1982, a few years before they were born. Who's to say how are chosen which memories from our past become essential to our present personality and which memories are discarded?