XII. Bitter Root Manor

"So now, I have a porno addiction?"
"That's a polite word for your affliction."
Tex and Emma having one of their spats,
The morning after, once Felch left their flat,
Bitter Root Manor up on the Main Line,
Home to Vern Archer and his son Antoine,
(That's Aunt'juan or such in the NBA:
What's with parents and spelling these days?)
With their future heirs guesting for a span,
Like that singer did on her track for Bond
From "Die Another Day," starring Halle,
Whose filmed cleavage is deep as a valley,
And whose orange and white, wet bikini
Rises up from the ocean to slay me.

"How many did you shoot last night, film rolls?"
"To get six shots where you don't look like trolls?
'Cam'ra click, click, clicking in my he-ad!'"
"Right now, Tex, I would laugh to see you dead."
"I shot a dozen and it's frightening,
How much a decent picture needs lighting,
Needs framing from precise sets of angles,
Needs dressing, all those baubles and bangles."
"This is the part that just gives me fits:
The sex you're obsessed with doesn't exist.
It has to be nurtured, coaxed from the shell."
"From non-existant woman, can't you tell?
You call it sinful, and that is my point:
Stimulation's not sin, a reflex joint."

"What does it stimulate, that's the question,
Who's objectified in your equation?"
"That's an old issue, the cause of actions,
In the head or outside, choose a faction;
I'm a behaviorist who sides with Vern,
Of mentalisms we have naught to learn:
Why pore over specious mental causes
For suspects plainly outside all of us?
Sex induces consumers to buy Benz
Kubrick said it spurs armies to buy guns
Sex is why marriage is such a fixture
Me, I just like to look at the pictures."
"And the women you're objectifying?"
"Either willing to do it or lying."

The thing isn't "Leave women out of it,"
But what is left with sex out of the mix?
On equality and ability
I support womankind explicitly:
I'd go farther than give them same as men;
Give 'em the same rights as any human:
The right to be daily misunderstood;
To be undervalued, told they're no good;
To make the best case for changing their state
To whomever will listen and relate,
Especially right to follow their hearts
Into leadership roles, into the arts,
The dream of affirmation and glory,
That I pursue, so back to our story.

Feelies: Gorilla Wedding (After Huxley), Drew Zimmerman, mixed media, 2013.