XIX. Santa Monica Boulevard

As the song says, "The World is not Enough,"
Most of what counts is in the abstract rough
The rarified air of thoughts and ideas
Our endless hyping of all that we feel
A playground for fascist idealogues
Who impose belief on the pack of dogs
But also the means by which we train cells
To exceed what we can see, hear, and smell.
The craze for Cafe Flesh  reached fever heights
And its premiere was a forest of light,
White beams searching the black Hollywood sky,
The Nuart packed with the glitterati
"The Movie that Takes Explicit Mainstream"
Unrolled the red carpet for its Rinse Dream.

What a crowd, all sharp tuxes and sequins,
With cop control, both on foot and equine!
Cheers greet the arrival of Pia Snow
(Not her real name, as if you didn't know);
Craning to see, stretching velvet ropes hard,
The stars Andrew Nichols and Marie Shard,
Compressing the homo-/hetero- pairs
So tightly a few had sex standing there,
Such that Emma and Tex nearly despaired
Of getting the print from the canister.
"We're in deep shit if we don't get a break,
That hand on my ass passed what I can take!"
"I can't lift my arms high enough to shoot:
I have a full roll of this T-boy's poot."

"Emma, think of something--I might pass out!"
"I've been beat before, but this is a rout."
"Can you use the commands in your ball cap?"
"The only two left wouldn't cause a flap."
Just when the pair's prospects couldn't get worse,
What should arrive but a new, shiny Hearse,
With the film in its trunk and Miss Felch, her
Mouth on the cock of star Richard Belzer,
At least that was how it seemed to the crowd,
Which got even more frenetic and loud.
"That's it!" Em cried, her tone hard to ignore.
"That's all I can stand! I can't stands no more."
Producing the watch on its golden fob,
"Zolda pranken kopek lom!" Emma sobbed.

Miraculously, with no one watching,
The velvet ropes made a sudden parting,
All but thrusting Antoine into free space,
With puppets in hand, wry look on his face.
"Ladies and gentlemen!" he cried real neat,
"Presenting the space mutant sex elite!"
Man, how he started to gimble and gyre,
His street-sharpened skills were all but on fire,
Twisting and jerking the strings in both hands,
Dangling puppets in throes of romance.
The crowd turned to see, transfixed or laughing.
Seizing the pause sex magic was crafting,
Emma cried, "Get it in gear, my juvie:
I'll pop the trunk and you grab the movie!"