XVIII. The Jet Airliner

Cafe Flesh debuted when Meese, after all,
Chose not to touch it with a ten-foot pole,
But not before causing the Archers grief
From which they must seek a timely relief.
That part of this fable is coming soon
Though first let us name another Bond tune:
The singer of "License to Kill" you'll need
To pursue this most edifying read;
Meanwhile, and without another delay,
Three Archers are flying west to LA,
To remedy a new glitch in their plan
And score victory for the rights of man,
Since all people benefit immensely
When freedom's beacon blazes intensely.

"This film-switching caper is so dreary,"
Tex said. "Effort's less tiresome in theory."
"Buck up, brother, and sharpen your focus:
We need one more round of hocus pocus.
The doctored copy of Cafe Flesh was
Carried by air freight to Los Angeles.
It will be picked up along with the cast
In a stretch limousine and driven fast
To its premiere at the landmark Nuart,
Out on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Somehow, we need to interpose ourselves
Before it's unspooled, or for certain, Hell
Will break out in the theater audience
When Vern's clip induces carnal figments."

"Wow. To my ears that sounds like lots of fun:
Popcorn, candy, mass hallucinations!
I've been to openings that were so dull,
Disappointing all the A-list people;
What filmmaker wouldn't be pleased as punch
That their work drove everyone 'out-to-lunch'?
Isn't blank indiff'rence the kiss of death?
I should stop an outcry? Don't hold your breath!
Shocking scandal is the best kind of art."
"We don't want a riot, Tex. Please, don't start!
The film should be judged mostly on merit
(Though some razzle dazzle couldn't hurt it),
Standards of time travel we must not wreck:
Did you learn anything watching Star Trek ?"

Antoine was thinking about puppet stuff,
And if for LA he was hip enough,
Hoping he wasn't hassled on the street
And wondering how he'd get cash to eat;
He thought about drinking, and figured, "Not,"
At least until he knew how much he'd got.
Though basics were paid by money in trust,
To earn more than that he was sure he must
Seize the spotlight during this West Coast stint;
Tex and Emma's manner gave him a hint:
They were more daring and assured than he
The kind of artists he wanted to be.
He dozed off before the plane's last descent,
More hopeful than was his usual bent.

'Mission Impossible' Opener

Shows that glorified the caper and gadgetry included Mission Impossible and It Takes a Thief. (below) The Nuart Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard as it appeared in the 80s.

Nuart Theater