XVII. The Conference Room

"This is Ed, Ed Meese, Mr. President.
Didn't you look at that damn brief, I sent?
Now, what does Nancy have to do with it?--
Kuwait's too big to let you screw with it.
The board decided it'll wait for Bush.--
We let you have Granada, Ron, so shush!
I don't care about your astrologer--
Tell your big-headed wife to go fuck her--
Doing what, right now, high on indica?--
'Swhat I call, 'Morning in America.'
I do respect you as a patriot,
Not just a shill for Gen'ral Electric.
I'm the Attorney Gen'ral, I don't lie,
But leave war and such to qualified guys.

"I'm at a screening with the commission--
In my view, it's a glaring omission
Not to include the damn press in its reach,
The sooner we'll all be done with free speech.
Now, Ronnie, you've known me since Berkeley,
I never do things herky-jerkily,
The leftist threat's up to our veranda--
You know I favor ending Miranda!
'Suspect innocence' is contradict'ry:
Got to be guilty of something, don't he?
The whole point is to smear these damn lib'rals
Make them source of society's evils;
How else to hoodwink our constituents
To vote against their own self interests?

"Have you forgotten that whore Jane Fonda,
Her opening strip in Barbarella?
'Hanoi Jane.' You're damn right our guys smeared her,
Those commie jerks! The public should fear her.
Nude titles in Bond films is different
'Cause half of them have a commie target.
I endorse the use of casual sex,
To promote the military complex.
Octopussy  first, then View to a Kill,
The theme song is from that MTV swill,
Some faggotty group who got their name, right,
From Barbarella. How is that for spite?
Cubby Broccoli is showbiz that pays,
Like 20-Mule Team on Death Valley Days.

"If Hollywood gives the goods, we'll be fine:
Fascist blockbusters, not this arty kind,
Promoting violence to keep the peace,
Empire rests on paradoxes like these.
Endlessly promoting 'Us' and 'Other'
Whether welfare tramp or lazy nigger;
Soon will be the Muslim threat we sell ya:
I'd tell you, Ron, but I'd have to kill ya!
Let me get back to the good Lord's work, here,
I swear, all these male whores in porn is queer,
Look at this fruit, his unnatural schlong,
Unless he's gay, why's he taking so long?
Some damned nonsense called Cafe Flesh is on--
Shit! My childhood pet Bismarck humping...Mom?!"

Edwin Meese, as California Attorney General in 1969, advised Gov. Ronald Reagan that deploying force, municipal police and National Guardsmen, against demonstrators on the U. of C. Berkeley campus was justified. One protestor was killed and more than a hundred were hospitalized on May 15. Days later, the Guard used tear gas sprayed from helicopters to force a crowd, protesting the first action and mourning its casualties, to disperse.