XI. A Film Studio

Across the road map, Rinse Dream is rapping
"Don't confuse maps with what you is mapping.
I like the part where Lenny Bruce submits,
'I didn't do it; I only said it.'
A phrase as worthy as Margitte's in paint
Although 'Ceçi n'est pas une pipe' it ain't:
Lenny's disavowal is literal;
Magritte says pictures can't be actual.
For Crissakes, babe, thinking isn't doing!
In no way is filming sex like screwing:
You could unspool the whole work at issue
And not find even a crumpled tissue.
Once on the playground, I joked to this guy.
I swear, he said, 'Rinse Dream, why do you lie?'

"Socrates transmutes gold when he attests,
'I know nothing, but at least I know that.'
If it can be reasonably argued,
Chances are good the language comes unglued,
Words not having the nature we grant them,
Suitable to phrase a referendum,
For only rarely do words correspond
To the substance the writer based them on:
Speakers use them only because we must,
But never, ever are words worth full trust;
Consciousness of that gives us ironists,
Who stand two feet to left of what exists;
Both men and men's ages are prone to it,
The habit of speaking wryly and shit.

"I would reckon satire the liveliest
Commentary and others second best;
Pope gains much from his pentameter form:
By restraint of rhythm, much wit is born.
The classic form is Aristophanes'
Lyric satire targeting real men's deeds;
We have satire that's straight-faced like Defoe
Or Hesse (I think you might like him more);
There's satire that's reverent, like Gaddis,
And Pynchon's where nothing really matters."
"You don't tell what was William Shakespeare, then?"
"Like Isaac Newton, he's an alien."
"From outer space? Must you raise these fictions?"
"How else do they leap past generations?"

"The day I filmed that seducer teenaged
Out in the valley, that great big garage,
Having incredible sex with a dude,
Of my filming what can be said, 'I'm lewd'?
The girl had real enough papers to show:
She schmoozed to get there, so I let her go!
I put her performance on video,
But I didn't participate, you know?
I was only considering one piece
In relation to all of Cafe Flesh.
It's weird, because the chick is giving it
All she's got, and I'm only filming it.
Point is, I never had a stiff willy!
That it's like me having sex is silly!

"I'm sending my unexpurgated film
To the porn commission in Washington,
Because shadows projected on the wall
Are not themselves by statute criminal.
It's like that James Bond girl-singer's advice:
Through fabwication, 'You Only Live Twice.'
Do you know the story about Don Juan
Telling Carlos Castaneda, 'That one
Swings or else I'm no Yaqui satirer,
And not just because of Sinater ra!'?
I want our best and makes sure you send them
The one with Raquel swinging, Steve Awesome,
For we have a license literary
To swallow the whole apothecary."

Street artist Shepard Fairey created the iconic Obama "Hope" poster, but he was sued by the Associated Press for using one of their own copyrighted photographs as the basis of what they called "an electronic paint-by-numbers" imitation. After two years, the case was settled out of court, and Fairey's claim of fair use was never legally tested.

Lenny Bruce was harassed for the legality of his on-stage utterances. He defended his right to free speech with some success, but his comedy was never so keen as before his legal troubles began.