X. Strolli's Restaurant

Many blocks away but still South Philly,
Antoine's heirs and Raquel are at Strolli's
(Pardon me for this late editor's note:
Technically they're heirs but not born yet)
Parmigiana di melanzane
With glasses of grappa to wash it down,
Gnocchi of course, those knuckles of goodness,
Many cozze, to know where the food is.
As the dinner and its courses unfold
It is evident that Raquel is sold
Hook line and sinker on Emily's charms
Even at one juncture taking her arm
Like the ripest ingenue being squired
By la donna del mistero desired.

Emma is being cool or hard to get--
She hasn't finished her crostaceo yet--
"Vern doesn't need a machine to change time,
He alters existing nucleotides,
Inject a poor schlub with foreign proteins
Significant of future mise en scène
Or how else would some pitiful bat-thing
Evolve radar and shiny leather wings?"
"Or a fetishistic weirdo like me
Dowse blue veins of commerciality?"
"So, like, are you two kids from the future?"
"More like Grandad stitching in a suture
To existing chain links of DNA
With codes from nature but not from today.

"These bad boys predetermine in the genes
Any combine of futuristic scenes:
Behaviorally, much is determined."
"I know, I'm a Pisces." "And I'm German."
"We two aren't literally having fun
Just blocks off Broad Street and down Dickinson,
But in potential is all this action,
Frustration and mad sexual tension,
So present in the flesh Vern's a'zappin'
One may as well concede that it happened."
"I'm confused: are we having sex or not?"
"Of course we are, you bubble-headed tw#@t."
Thus saying, Emma moved them from Strolli's
And ravished Raquel six ways from Sunday.

Although first off she solved the mystery
Of Raquel's cloudy birthdate history,
By refusing to lick her or even brush
Her flaming lips with a rough-tipped tongue's touch
Until the so-called minor confessed to
The little teensy fraud she'd got up to
Spurred on, she said, by the Meese Commission,
Hoping to sow industry confusion.
"I'm really nineteen, so take me, pirate!"
Which Emily did, public and private.
Meanwhile Tex, our shutter-clicking hero,
Is catching his vampires in a mirror
Having no human form, the Sex Elite,
As yet a concept, but not on the street.

"Not since the swamp has a human ear heard
Manifestation from one magic word,
Yet we know magic in all its glory
From fairy tales and King Arthur's story."
"What if I wanted to magically
Be carried this instant far and away?"
"We could do it with the simplest of tropes
Like riddle me this, which one of Bond's mopes
Composed a seven-beat musical stretch
Called "Double-0 Seven Theme" in a pinch,
A main contributor to series Bond,
His work was used as TV-news background."
And Raquel asked, "What's this trivia mean?"
"It's to signal transition of being."

Three graphics indicating the cell-level chemical effects of sublimated sexual energy on the digestion of grappa, eggplant parmesan, and gnocchi.