II. The Great Hall

In THE GREAT HALL   of Bitter Root Manor
An infamous accident stained the floor
Where a beautiful girl, not twenty-eight,
Came to a sprawling stop on fractured slate
The gravity of stairway having proved
Gross overmatch for dancer's step we loved
That one time only misplaced reaching stride
And windmilled the bare landing where she died;
The spinning dancer's legs in silky hose
Widely appreciated for their poise
Limbs regarded chief among her charms
Flailed among the desperate, groping arms,
A look of raw surprise upon that face,
Which used to keep reaction to a trace.

She was a Russian, named like Cossack queen
Who raided Batman's Gotham on TV:
Google the name! You won't impede the flow
Of words to frame a knowing ingenue
Or give a lazy reader clear percept
Of Anne Baxter or sweet Debra Paget.
Its syllables on DJ's tongue would make
The horny clientele of Pennsport shriek
When there on Philly's waterfront she danced
And worked the bust-out scam, the fool's romance;
You know, the pitch we mean where pretty girls
Collect men's swollen nuts like slinky squirrels?
And anyway, one night she meets this guy
And to her dying day did not know why

Of all the gents with twenties priming luck
It was the bearded Antoine whom she f$#&ed,
Who wasn't even spending that much cash,
But dammit made her coo and made her laugh.
In either case this woman lost her head
Favoring artist Antoine as we said
With deep soul kisses that she wouldn't think
To give the other dudes who bought her drinks
Who foolishly believed her when she sighed,
"I've not done this with any other guy!
Just one more shot--who knows what might occur
To make me blow accepted procedure
For dealing with a stranger in a bar:
Above all else to never go too far!"

Young mom and wife succumbed to earthly laws,
Inducted from no corporeal cause
To link effects to chemical or touch
Of matter. We will thank you very much
To withhold platitude or bourgeois blame
That blasphemes what it mayn't concretely name;
Accept we can't deduce the reason why
A child beloved of all should have to die
(But since we've never seen one who did not
It figures precious lady hit the spot).
Be sure judges more skeptical than you
Investigated here to find a clue;
Since instigator real their search found not
Keep to yourself the guessing whit you've got.

The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor is an interactive satirical picture book for grown-ups.

(below) A puppet version of "St. James Infirmary Blues," Dec 14, 2019.