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Notoriously obtuse and petulant with the press, Zimmy granted Rolling Stoned reporter Rodney Trowel unprecedented access on the occasion of the re-release of three classic protest tunes in 2013. What follows is a transcript of that historic interview.

RODNEY TROWEL: Will you be working more frequently or maybe touring to support these re-released masterpieces? ZIMMY: I don't know. will you be changing your socks? There's some guy who wants to use me in a video based on several Kafka stories. I play a protest singer. We'll see. RT: I can't wait! How many protest-singing puppets would you say there are in this country? Z: Er, um, like 43 of us. RT: Your fans look over all your lyrics for classic Zimmyisms, parsing them like they were riders on the Patriot Act. In Extraterrestrial Homesick Blues, for instance, you mention a mad bomber, a co-architect of the nuclear age, and the fragility of Jewish existence. What exactly did you have in mind when you wrote that piece? Z: Huh? Excuse me, Trowel. I have an important interview with a slice of capacola over to the craft table. Hey, Trowel? Do you know this one? (Zimmy forms a ring with his thumb and forefinger.) Z: Look, it's Senor Wences ascending to heaven. Look! Senor Wences. Snk. Gag. (inaudible)


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