The video companion for "A Tribute to Francis Bacon (Rockin' Sockin' Robots)."

The video companion for "William Gaddis' The Recognitions Magnetic Action Board Game"

A retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone, and a reminder that nature owes us nothing--so behave. Featuring puppets and puppeteering by the great Lee Zimmerman.

As if the Phillies radio broadcasters haven't been the best in baseball for decades, the TV announcing pair of Tom "T-Mac" McCarthy and Gary "Sarge" Matthews of the early part of the Teens could induce anyone to shut off their television set.

For years, I thought Bowie made a campy shift in style with "I am the DJ." Here, I am parodying that as well as vamping on one of my favorite Franz Kafka short stories. From The Dime Novelties (2006), my first puppet musical.

"Lagniappe" is a New Orleans word that means "something extra" as in getting something extra from the cook for buying 12 beignets. Your run-of-the-mill puppet political satire, here.

A riff on David Bowie, his Anthony Newly obsession, and James Bond theme songs, to which I am devoted. Chaz Dickens as "Hades" makes a guest appearance on a Hollywood Palace-type stage and gets a Sammy Davis Jr.-style knee hug from Tony Lately.

My radio play of the classic Edgar Allan Poe short story expresses my horror at the cavalier attitude of the Trump administration towards the 2020 pandemic and the futility of the survivalist paradigm.

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